Landry’s Pharmacy hires new pharmacist

Staff Report
Landry’s Pharmacy has announced their newest pharmacist, Latesha Thomas.

Landry’s Pharmacy has announced their newest pharmacist, Latesha Thomas. Thomas comes to Landry’s with a degree from Xavier University of Louisiana and over eight years of experience as a pharmacist.

Thomas said she has always been interested in pharmacy. After graduating high school, she received her first job as a cashier at a Walmart pharmacy.

My quality of life has changed so much just with the care and understanding of bosses who feel that my family is important,” Thomas said.

With any profession, there are things that everyone must learn that cannot be taught through course work. For Thomas, that thing is getting comfortable with all types of people.

 “Once you leave the tiny bubble you grew up in you realize that there are all different types of people. You realize that different is ok,” Thomas said.

She describes working in pharmacy as a crazy ride with unexpected times. Overall she says that though crazy, the ride has been a great one. She’s even developed relationships with patients that she feels will last a lifetime.

"I’m still finding my role here because I’m so new, but once I get the swing of things I’m sure I will be a mother Hen, it’s in my nature to do so," she added.

Thomas has been married for nine years to her husband Torrian. They have a seven-year-old, Landon, who is involved in baseball, basketball, football and Boy Scouts.