EATEL offers new innovative technology

Staff Reports

EATEL will access the true potential of its 100% fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network by launching the most sophisticated TV technology available, the company said in a release.

In the fourth quarter of 2010, EATEL’s FiberEdge customers will enjoy more advanced interactive TV services, including multi-room DVR service with remote setup access, media sharing, a redesigned on-screen program guide, many more high-definition (HD) channels and customized interactive applications similar to those applications available now to iPhone users.

Multi-room DVR technology allows customers to record up to three HD programs at once on one central DVR, then watch those recordings at any time in any room with a set-top box.

“Customers won’t have to worry about which programs were recorded on which DVR, because it won’t matter”, stated Brad Supple, director of sales and marketing.

“They will be able to watch all of their recordings from any set top box in the house.  And with the ability to remotely access their DVR our customers will be able to set their recordings from work, their mobile phone, or basically anywhere they have Internet access.”

"And what may be the most exciting is all the new interactive custom applications that EATEL will be developing for its TV customers, “stated Brad Supple.

“Think about all the applications that are being used on the iPhone today.  Now envision those type of applications available on your TV.  From education to weather and from sports to social networking, the number of potential applications is unlimited.”

In addition, customers’ on-screen program guide will have a clean, easy-to-read appearance, instant channel changes with a built-in keyword search for quick reference to movies and programs, and media sharing which will allow customers to view their photos and listen to their music that’s stored on their computer -- right on their TV.

“We’re excited because when we decided to build our 100% fiber optic network all the way to our customers’ doorsteps, these are the types of services we envisioned delivering.  These new features begin to tap the true potential of EATEL’s fiber-to-the-home network,” stated Ashley Phillips, director of network engineering and operations.