Council approves CF petition

Wade McIntyre

DONALDSONVILLE – The Ascension Parish Council approved a petition at the regular meeting last week to create a 131-acre industrial area owned by CF Industries Inc. near Donaldsonville, which will be exempt from future taxes on services the company provides itself.

CF attorney Bill LeBlanc said his client was asking the parish to let it put recently purchased properties into the existing CF industrial area.

The corporation would continue paying existing taxes for the recently purchased property that makes up the new industrial site, he said.

CF would provide all services on the property, including lighting, fire emergency services, sewer, water, garbage collection and disposal, drainage facilities and election power generation.

The company would also construct, clean and maintain streets in the area, according to LeBlanc.

By providing service to itself, CF will be exempt from any new tax that might be levied by a special service district to provide those services.

The corporation must notify the parish if it discontinues or farms out any of the services, and must allow inspections of the services CF claims to provide itself.

The site is located in a mainly industrial area where other CF property, and the property of Terra Industries, Inc. is already designated industrial or manufacturing in nature.

The newly created area will be accessible by public road, with entrances set up for employee and independent contractor use.