Sheriff Brett Stassi was sworn in for his third term as Iberville Parish Sheriff in a brief ceremony on June 25. His new term officially begins July 1 and extends to June 30, 2024.

“I want to thank the people of Iberville Parish for once again placing their trust in me to maintain the safety and security of our community,” Sheriff Stassi said. “I love serving you and I promise to continue working hard every day to protect and serve our great parish.”

Stassi noted that the swearing-in was a low-key activity because of COVID-19 precautions. “This is not a time for a celebration. This is a time for us to watch out for one another and to keep the health of our neighbors in mind at all times,” he said.

“We will have a seamless transition into the new term, “Sheriff Stassi said. “I am very proud of the leadership and work ethic shown by the administrators and staff of the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office. They know the expectations within this office are set very high, and are fully engaged in our constant efforts to raise our operations to higher and higher levels.”

Sheriff Stassi said our deputies’ dedication and willingness to serve during the height of COVID-19 are evidence of the bar set within the Iberville Sheriff’s Office. “Our frontline heroes all worked their jobs in spite of the dangers of contracting COVID-19. Our road deputies, jailers and dispatch personnel showed up, day after day, shift after shift, under extremely trying circumstances, to serve and protect our residents and our parish. They have my deep gratitude and support for that.”

“The residents of Iberville can rest assured that the Iberville Sheriff’s Office continues to serve and protect with honor, dedication, and courage; and that will continue as long as I am Sheriff,” he said.

The biggest goal for the next four years will involve the relationship between law enforcement and communities, Stassi said.

“We just have to continue to build trust between myself, deputies, and citizens and let them know we’re here for the right reason,” he said. “People know they need law enforcement.”

He hopes to gain a few more deputies to the force, as well

“I’m always looking for Iberville people who want to be deputy sheriffs, but I think with the increased pay, we’ll be able to keep them on board a while,” Stassi said.