Every graduate of the Ascension Catholic Class of 2020 received a special delivery Saturday.

A parade of decorated vehicles carrying the school’s faculty and staff ventured to every student’s home throughout the afternoon.

Ascension Catholic Principal Sandy Pizzolato delivered each student’s diploma in their front yard as family and friends looked on. They also joined together for photos before the caravan rolled along.

"It brought us more pride and joy than you can ever imagine,” Pizzolato said. “This is what it means to be part of the Ascension Catholic family."

Ascension Catholic graduated 30 students this year. A total of 25 faculty and staff members participated in congratulating the graduates.

The entire trip covered four parishes. The route was more than 400 miles, as several of the graduates lived outside of the Donaldsonville area..

Faculty members are compiling highlights from the special graduation ceremonies for a virtual baccalaureate ceremony May 15 at 7 p.m. and commencement May 16 at 7 p.m. 

Both ceremonies will be available on the school’s Facebook page as well as the web site.

The 2020 Ascension Catholic Valedictorians are Brock Acosta, Payton Hatcher, and Katie Pizzolato. Salutatorian is Sam Mire.

The graduating class includes: Dorian Barber, Emily Beck, Chazz Brown, Peter Cantin, Jenna Comeaux, Haley Dupre, Landon Falcon, Demontray Harry Jr., Nicholas Hilliard, Garrison Landry, Alexia Leonard, Ashlyn Leonard, Lexi Milano, Gary “Trey” Millet III, Rodnekia Mitchell, Ashlyn Montero, Katie Perilloux, Catherine Rome, Hailee Rome, Connor Shally, Eric Simon Jr., Ryan Steib, Sophie Sternfels, Angelle Theriot, Owen Theriot, and Jai Williams.