I celebrated Christmas Day in 1946 on top of the Empire State Building.

In my long life and from the perspective of growing up on a cotton farm on the northwest corner of Lafayette Parish, people would say I was well traveled.

This column could be called (shamelessly) a miniature autobiography.

I sailed the moody oceans of the world aboard the hazy gray ships of the United States Navy.

I crossed the International Date Line.

I traveled on the great ridge of the Continental Divide.

I transited the Panama Canal.

I have an aviation background, including barnstorming and owning an aerial flying service company.

I flew under the old Mississippi River Falls.

I touched the waters of Niagara Falls.

I celebrated Christmas Day in 1946 on top of the Empire State Building.

I was interviewed by the British Broadcast System.

I saw the British Crown Jewels.

I attended a party at the White House.

I have seen five United States Presidents.

I shook hands with a sitting President.

I shook hands with moon astronaut Dick Gordon.

I had the privilege of seeing the moon rocks.

I had the privilege of meeting seven Louisiana Governors.

I have had the privilege of having conversations with several famous people, including Stan Musial, Sam Walton, Terry Bradshaw, Ray Price, Buck Trent, Donna Douglas and others.

I am a member of the Navy League of the United States, established in 1909.

I danced to the music of Tommy Dorsey.

I have stood on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

My first cousin, Milton Guilbeau, who has performed on the Grand Ole Opry said he didn't grow old playing music – he grew old when he stopped playing music.

My favorite quotation by Susan Sontag, American author, who I share a birthday with, wrote: "I WAS NOT LOOKING FOR MY DREAMS TO INTERPRET MY LIFE, BUT RATHER FOR MY LIFE TO INTERPRET MY DREAMS."