On November 11, we honored our veterans both living and dead for the sacrifices that they have made in protecting our country.

As long as we have the great patriotic men and women volunteering to serve our country, we will never be overcome by outside sources. If we falter and lose our freedoms it will be from internal strife.

Because of our veterans, we enjoy the greatest freedoms in the world. We can worship as we please and pursue any opportunity that we desire.

We must remember though it was the 13 colonies that won our freedom from England 243 years ago. The signors of the Declaration of Independence were well-educated, people of faith, and people of wealth. But they knew that they may be signing away their lives, which many did lose their lives. They were willing to sacrifice everything including their lives to achieve freedom.

Because of veterans sacrifices and God's Blessings the American people have developed the greatest nation in the world.

Veterans Day is not just a day of remembering the sacrifices of those who have given their lives to defend us. It’s a time to honor their sacrifices by rededicating ourselves to the job of making this country worthy of these sacrifices—by cultivating the virtues of tolerance, participation in government, respecting each other, thanking God for his Blessing and showing love of country that have made America great.

There have been over 1 million veterans who lost their lives in defending our freedoms. Not only have our veterans saved the United States from tyrants, but most of the world. America has been blessed by Divine Providence. Veterans Day serves as a reminder to all that we are willing to keep our nation worthy of their sacrifices.

Freedom has cost a lot over the years. There will be continued challenges in the future. We must be vigilant and praise God for our Blessings.

Huey P. O'Neal, USAF-Ret

West Monroe