She brought with her a network of friends, some she had and some she didn't know she had yet.

The story of an answered letter to the news station asking for help in St. Amant seemingly came out of nowhere but has touched tens of thousands of Louisianans by this point.

When Dean Bourgeois reached out to WAFB, saying that he was living in poor conditions for well over two years since the 2016 flood he had no idea that his family would receive in such abundance. Tucked away off of Highway 22 along the New River canal was he and Verna's home, ravaged by mold and bug infested. They were hanging on by a thread.

Now they have a new home. It was delivered on Wednesday, April 10 just over two weeks after the initial story ran.

On the scene last week at the Bourgeois' home was Brandi Brignac. Brignac is responsible for the good fortune of this family. She showed up at their doorstep after hearing the story of their struggle. She brought with her a network of friends, some she had and some she didn't know she had yet.

Friends she had include Jon Bridgers, Sr., head of Cajun Navy 2016 and St. Amant Fire Chief James E. LeBlanc. Friends she didn't know she had yet include Trina Edwards, wife of former Governor Edwin Edwards.

The Edwards' came up with the money to buy the new home, but that wasn't all the Bourgeois' needed.

"This isn't just a case of putting somebody in a home," Brignac said. "This is a case of replacing everything that they ever owned."

Brignac took volunteerism, which Ascension Parish is known for to another level. For instance, she brought the dog to the vet. She applied them for Medicaid.

"It's fixing a vehicle for them so they can go to the doctor's," she said. "We had to help them in every aspect of life because they were so stuck."

Brignac has begun a new endeavor since discovering her ability to help rehabilitate those still struggling since the flood. It's called Boots of Hope 4:13. 4:13 is a bible reference from the book of Philippians that states, "I can do all things through him who gives me strength."

She is still in need of help. Work is still being done to finish the rehabilitation project for Dean and Verna.

Just today on April 16, Brignac is calling for help from a volunteer carpenter to build a ramp to get up to the door, since Dean has a prosthetic lower-right leg.

Visit the Facebook page for Boots of Hope 4:13 and Brandi Brignac if you would like to see if you may help with this enormous project. There will undoubtedly be more when this one is complete.