Moving on Out

Who says that a classroom should have four walls and a roof? At Prairieville Primary, students have moved out of their classrooms and show that learning doesn’t have to stay inside.

The goal of Moving on Out is to provide our Cardinals with more room to engage in problem-solving activities and the opportunity to engage in a cooperative learning environment that fosters learning through conversation with other students.

Backed by research, teachers left their classrooms to give students the opportunity to build problem-solving skills and stronger communication skills. The outdoor classroom affords students the chance to engage in activities that wouldn’t be possible inside of the classroom due to space restrictions. Storage containers are filled with all the tools that teachers will need to conduct class outside without having to move supplies in and out of the building. Students are thriving in the new environment where they can move from table to table and share discoveries with their classmates.

Funds for this grant were provided by the BASF Corporation Endowment Grant through the Ascension Fund. The Ascension Fund is a non-profit organization established in 1991 by the Gonzales Rotary Club as an instrument for private sector leaders to invest directly in the work of individual teachers and schools through grants for innovative ideas and programs in Ascension Parish public schools. Teacher Grants of $500 or $1000 and School Impact Grants of $2500 are awarded on an annual competitive basis. To date, the Ascension Fund has awarded approximately 1250 grants representing over $1.5 million dollars in the school system. For more information, visit

Contributed by the Ascension Fund