Francois Bend is a bundle of fun, but they offer other important features for future residents.

Senior citizens can have as much fun as everyone else, especially when it comes to living somewhere new.

With the Kona Ice Truck outside, mimosas, sandwiches, wraps, and cheese kabob's, one was bound to have a good time at the Francois Bend Senior Living Pre-Opening Party. Thanks to 360 Catering, seniors and guests had the opportunity to try many different foods. Some may have sipped on drinks and danced to music by Kenny Cornett.

The mimosa bar was located where the future sports bar will be installed. A cool feature about the bar is that it will have fiber optics on it, allowing it to change colors while residents sit and have a drink (or two) while watching a sports game.

Another fun feature at Francois Bend is the golf simulation experience. David Bradfield, a representative of the Full Swing Golf company, was at the Pre-Opening Party to explain to guests how the simulation worked and to make sure everything went swingingly.

Francois Bend is a bundle of fun, but they offer other important features for future residents. Their memory care facility will be opening in October. They will be the only senior living facility in the parish that offers this.

There will also be assisted living for residents who may need a little extra help on their day-to-day ventures. Assisted living will begin in September.

"Another key feature of our senior living campus is that the Executive Director, Judy Naquin, and Director of Operations, Jeff Naquin, plan to be living on the premises," Assistant Administrator Megan Babin said. "This is really amazing, because sometimes you aren't able to reach the people who are higher up. The Naquin's will be interacting with the residents and living here, so that's something new and benefits us greatly."

Future residents and guests were also able to take a look at the activity room. This room features a balance assessment system, a key feature for Francois since senior citizens are more prone to falls. The equipment assesses the level of balance and how much sway occurs. It then recommends training to help improve their balance.

Then there is a new form of weights, called Keiser Weight Equipment, which uses air instead of weights to create a workout.

"The air weight equipment is better to use than regular weights," Activity Director Julie Landreneau said. "If someone is lifting, they will be able to release some air to make the weights lighter instead of stopping the workout altogether. Likewise, if it is too light, they are able to add more air to make it heavier."

Francois Bend also has a feature called Heart Legacy. This allows their residents to send videos to their family members, or friends, while also receiving videos that are sent to them from outside of the Francois Bend. It's a great way for those who are not living there to stay in touch with those that are. It's a way for residents to actually see who they're communicating with, not just hear them.

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