Which Wich does more year-round to honor those who are in service, either abroad or domestically.

Each summer we celebrate those who choose to fight for our country with Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day. Honoring this time of year, the Which Wich corporation has American troops in mind with a simple gesture.

"For me being a former Marine it's the least we can do to support our troops, the men and women who are over there fighting for our country," Which Wich Franchisee Shane Waguespack said. "To put a smile on somebody's face when they get a care package, that's really simple when you think about it for somebody that's not away from their family, away from their home, defending our freedom and our country. To get a simple little gift bag and put a smile on their face, it's a big thing for those folks."

Which Wich is located in Gonzales at 3005 S Cabela's Parkway A. The franchise opened just earlier this year.

Waguespack explained that the Which Wich corporation has decided to accelerate their effort this year. They will donate 25,000 care packages filled with goodies that will be sent to the troops. Over the past 10 years, Which Which has donated 100,000 care packages.

So how does it work?

Simple. When you order a sandwich at Which Wich, you make your choices on a brown, slender sandwich bag that the sandwich will be served in. Colorful markers are available at the menu counter. Grab an extra bag when you come in and get to work. Add a supportive message or symbol, like the American Flag.

Kids, particularly might enjoy the exercise of decorating a bag while the family eats lunch. After the artwork is done, simply hand it over to staff or hang it yourself on the "Community Board" located at the back of the restaurant.

"Whenever July 4 comes around, we'll collect all the bags and ship them over to the Which Wich organization, and they'll fill them and send them to our troops," Waguespack said. "It's a pretty cool deal."

Waguespack said he went into the Marines in 1990 and has been out "for a long time." He said he was one of those called a "Hollywood Marine," since he was trained in San Diego. He said he did not have to deal with sand fleas at bootcamp, but other things like rattlesnakes. He was born and raised in St. Amant and attended St. Amant High School.

Which Wich does more year-round to honor those who are in service, either abroad or domestically. Waguespack said he received a discount on his franchise for being in the service. Policemen and firemen, for instance always get complimentary drink and chips with their sandwich.

He suggested customers come in and try a sandwich from the "Favorites" menu. Most all of the subs at Which Wich are served hot, but they also serve a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And that PB&J actually services the community.

"The PB&J is three dollars," Waguespack said. "One dollar goes to our cost for the sandwich. One dollar goes to Which Wich corporate, and one dollar services the community. What we've figured out we're going to do is we are teaming up with the local soccer community, and we're going to get the kids to deliver PB&J sandwiches to the local homeless shelters."

Waguespack stays busy. Besides the Which Wich franchise, which he owns and operates with his wife, he works for H&E equipment and is the father of two boys, seven and nine years old.