"I do have one more school to reach this year," she said. "And I'm struggling to complete the materials."

The Donaldsonville Fire Department Association shared some unfortunate news with the city council last week. Fire Prevention Week Materials were stolen from the Palo Alto Station.

Event Coordinator for the Donaldsonville Fire Department Association Jannet Chavez-Fuentes presented the association's report to the city council on April 24.

"One note that I have is a little upsetting," Chavez-Fuentes said. "Last year we reached about a thousand kids in emergency preparedness. I do have materials coming from the Red Cross, but a lot of materials we use are bought from our money from local business donations."

Chavez-Fuentes added that someone broke into station 120, known as Palo Alto, and stole everything that they had left.

"I do have one more school to reach this year," she said. "And I'm struggling to complete the materials."

She asked the council for added safety in the area of the Palo Alto station. Sometimes there are members of the Fire Association there at night fixing materials. Mayor Sullivan asked what she would suggest they do.

"Probably some cameras or a keypad with an alarm system," she replied.

Councilman Brown said that it is the responsibility of the parish to keep up the fire station.

"When you say the camera and the keys and all that I think it's something that we need to bring to the parish officials and see if they can try to make that happen," Brown said.

Chief James MacDonald told Mayor Sullivan that the issue has never been brought before the fire board.

"We need to reach out to help get those donations for fire prevention," MacDonald said.

Oddly enough, just the materials for the children were stolen, according to Chavez-Fuentes.

"It's just my opinion, but I think that it was intentionally done," Mayor Sullivan said. "Because there was stuff that was more valuable that was not touched."

Chavez-Fuentes reported seventy Pillow cases with books, bags with children's favors, and kids hats were among the type of items stolen.

Moreover, Assistant Fire Chief Travis Cedotal read the March fire report: The Donaldsonville Fire Department reported four structure fires (two in the city and two in the parish), zero vehicle fires, three grass/trash fires (one in the city, two in the parish), 118 E.M.S. calls, two hazardous conditions, 13 false alarms, and 23 other-type calls.

On a lighter note, Chavez-Fuentes commended the association's participation in the Barataria Terrebonne National Estuary Program (BTNEP) Bayou Lafourche Cleanup. Seventeen members and their families contributed with two boats. She mentioned Mr. Ricky Cedotal by name for using his own boat for the effort.

Next, she commended the association's Easter celebration with the Head Start Program. She noted that the firefighters who contributed by delivering candy and eggs did so even after some "rough" shifts.

Lastly, Chavez-Fuentes commended Captain Adam Gautreaux for being named firefighter of the year. Gautreaux received this honor for the third time by the Knights of Columbus at the Annual Patriotic Banquet last week.