If your family has any of God's furry creatures as family members, please be alert to any changes in their behavior and health.

On last Friday evening, April 13, 2018, our loved and well cared for pet was poisoned.

She showed signs of physical distress late Friday evening, and by early morning, Saturday, she was not eating or drinking, nor being her usual active and loving self.

Saturday morning, just as the heavy rain storms hit Baton Rouge and Gonzales, we were at the veterinary clinic.

She was examined, treated, and brought home. We fed and watered her by dropper. However, by Sunday night her condition had become much worse, and Monday morning - first thing - she was back at the vet's clinic, where she spent the day and night.

Additional examinations and further blood work was done, which confirmed evidence that she had been poisoned.

Our beloved Abigail died Tuesday afternoon, April 17, 2018.

If your family has any of God's furry creatures as family members, please be alert to any changes in their behavior and health.

Especially, if you and your furry friends live near the east end of East Angela St., South Angela St, or Tiffany St., or across the street from and north of the Pecan Grove West subdivision Mail Box Kiosk.

Abby ingested something poisonous in our neighborhood that caused her death.

We hope that all us neighbors will check around our homes and yards for improperly stored or spilled chemicals, or anything that might be mistaken, for a treat by a pup or kitty - that is, instead, poisonous to them.

We initially thought that she might have eaten a poisonous toad. Abby's vet said it was possible, but unlikely, since toads that are poisonous to dogs and cats taste bad to them. So, Abby would have been unlikely to have eaten enough toad to have caused such catastrophic damage.

Abby wore a collar, was chipped, and was a very loving, trusting, and friendly girl. She was a loved member of our family, and by some neighborhood children. She was at her most magnificent when she would come trotting across the lawn for lunch or dinner, with her beautiful white feet and ringed tail pointing straight to the sky.

We are surrounded by numerous pet loving neighbors and their furry faced family members, and we do hope and pray that your precious pets and ours will not suffer the same misfortune as our Abby.

We do not know where, exactly when, or how Abby ingested the poison, nor whether it was accidental, or put if it was put out to rid our neighborhood of feral animals.
It IS important to remember that there ARE stray and feral cats, and likely at least an occasional stray or feral dog in our neighborhood, but Abby was NOT one of them.

There are, or at least were, programs with some veterinarians in the Capital Region to catch stray and feral cats (and dogs, too, I think), check them for disease, and spay or neuter them, for release or adoption.

Also, the Ascension Parish Animal Shelter and CARA's House (Companion Animal Rescue of Ascension) offers advice and assistance in trapping or collecting stray and feral animals and finding homes for those who are adoptable.

We hope all our friends and neighbors join us in supporting their important and humane work.

May God bless us all, including our fury friends.

Thank you, from Abby's Family