Tyler's shows are some fans won't soon forget, as he brings an energy to the stage that's impossible to ignore. He understands there's more to a concert than just the songs, and his performance is definitely on par with his musical talent.

Anyone in Ascension Parish who loves music has probably seen the Chase Tyler Band at least once or twice. The local legend has been performing in the Capitol Area for more than a decade. He's even graced the stage with big name stars like Kane Brown and Sam Hunt.

Tyler said during his younger years, he was going down a dark path, and it was his music that ultimately pulled him away from the bad crowd he was running with at the time. He left school and spent four years in Branson, Missouri, where he worked on a show.

"That, to me, was my college," said Tyler. "That was my education and how I got into performing and doing shows on stage."

The singer-songwriter learned a lot during his time in Missouri, and he still puts those skills to good use today. He came back from Branson with the dream of headlining his own shows with his own music, so he returned home and started his first band at the age of 19. He said it was nothing big, but everyone has to start somewhere. After two years, Tyler took off again, this time to Nashville.

"I loaded everything into my truck, not knowing a soul, and moved to Nashville overnight," said Tyler.

The starving musician eventually returned home after spending a year in Tennessee without making much headway. It was then that he started another band in Louisiana, more determined than ever to make it work, and he's been going strong ever since.

Tyler credits at least some of his success to luck. But in large part, it's about making every show count because you never know who might be in the crowd. He often gets approached by festival coordinators who have seen his shows and loved the performance.

"I put on a show for everybody," said Tyler. "No matter if there's ten people watching me or ten thousand people watching me, I put on the same show for everybody."

Tyler's shows are some fans won't soon forget, as he brings an energy to the stage that's impossible to ignore. He understands there's more to a concert than just the songs, and his performance is definitely on par with his musical talent.

"It's my job, and I enjoy it," said Tyler. "I live and breathe to play music. I absolutely enjoy what I do, and it makes me feel better when I get on stage and I see people reacting to what I'm doing."

Tyler is no stranger to sold-out shows at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center, where he's opened for Kane Brown just this year. He was even on the lineup for last year's inaugural Flambeau Fest. But of all the country stars he's shared the stage with, one stands out from the rest.

"The person that I was most proud to open for, to me personally, was Ronnie Milsap," said Tyler. "I looked up to him growing up...That was just a huge honor for me."

Tyler said he grew up listening to that kind of music, lots of old country and classic rock. Those influences can be heard in plenty of Tyler's original songs, but it's not the only style listeners can pick up from his music. He said he writes for people who love all kinds of music because he also has eclectic taste.

"Some of the songs are very much 90s country and things like that, and then we have other songs on the album that are very much new-style rock and roll country," said Tyler.

His live shows feature an even broader range of music. He said he plays for the crowd, and the set list is comprised of plenty of covers that fans can sing along to, as well as some original songs. He said the band tries to play songs that they think at least one person in the crowd is going to love.

"Whatever the crowd wants, that's what we do, and it's taken us a long way," said Tyler. "We've gotten to do a lot of things that we would not have gotten to do had we not crossed genres to do a wide variety of music."

With festival season in full swing, Tyler is staying busy playing all over South Louisiana. Upcoming events include shows at the Italian Festival in Tickfaw this month, the Jambalaya Festival in Gonzales in May, and a headlining show at the Texas Club in June.

Country music fans who can't make it out to one of Tyler's shows can catch him on the radio. He gets plenty of air play from 101.5 WYNK and 100.7 The Tiger. He said the Baton Rouge stations have helped get his name out to the masses.

"They all have been really instrumental in helping push our music and our brand," said Tyler.

Fans can be on the lookout for the new single released April 20 called "Louisiana Is My Home." Tyler and his band will also have a new music video for the song, which will be played at their upcoming show at the Texas Club in Baton Rouge.

The single is off Tyler's third studio album, All About Home, which should be out by the end of the summer. Every song off the new release was written or co-written by the man himself. He said the whole album is about his home state.

"They tell you as a song-writer to write what you know, and I know Louisiana," said Tyler. "So I'm doing songs that have to do with some type of Louisiana music, whether it be a little bit of swamp pop, a little bit of country rock."

Tyler's music can be found just about anywhere, from Apple Music and iTunes to Spotify and ReverbNation. For more information on Tyler's music and upcoming events, check out ChaseTylerBand.com.

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