Former-Donaldsonville High School Librarian Michele Macloud was nominated for the Extra Yard for Teachers program by LSU's Stephen Sullivan. A video feature will air on the SEC National show this Saturday October 7 at 9 a.m. Sullivan nominated Macloud because of the impact she had on the life of the LSU football player.

Recently retired, Macloud worked as a teacher and librarian in Ascension Parish for 18 years. She met Sullivan during her three years at DHS when he would wander into the library during class time. Macloud inquired about his school work and held him accountable, resulting in a friendship they maintained as Sullivan entered college in 2016. She said getting to know students is the key to unlocking their abilities.

"It is an honor to hear that I made a positive impact on Stephen. It is inspiring, and I hope others understand that we really do make a difference in the lives of our students," said Macloud.

As a result of the nomination, DHS teachers will receive $10,000 to buy classroom supplies. Principal Marvin Evans said the grant will allow implementation of thinking and problem-solving programs aligned with the school's goals.

"This investment of dollars will pay huge dividends as we work daily to prepare our students to become college- and career-ready," said DHS Principal Marvin Evans.

Each week SEC National highlights an educator that impacted the life of a student-athlete for the Extra Yard for Teachers Program. Sullivan's nomination of Macloud can be seen this Saturday on SEC Nation on the SEC ESPN Network.

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