The Kelli Leigh Richmond Ovarian Cancer Foundation in Baton Rouge recently awarded Gloria Peterson of Gonzales a $1,000 Birthday Wish check. Each month the foundation gives one woman battling any type of cancer throughout the state a birthday present of $1,000.

Peterson was first diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2015. After battling with the cancer, it returned again late last year. She is currently receiving chemo treatments at Woman's Hospital. The birthday money will be used the help her move from a one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom, she said.

"When you see these women when you give them that check for their birthday and you know for some of them, you know its their last birthday, it touches you," said Ron Richmond, founder of the Kelli Leigh Richmond Ovarian Cancer Foundation.

This month's wish was made possible with the help of Tanger Outlets. Last month the outlet mall donated $1,976.64 to the foundation through their annual breast cancer campaign, Tanger PinkSTYLE. Since its creation in October 2013, over 20 Birthday Wishes have been given out, including four patients from Ascension Parish.

Aside from the Birthday Wishes, the local foundation also assists women throughout the state battling cancer by offering them free clothes through part of the foundation called Kelli's Kloset.

Kelli's Kloset was started in honor of Kelli Richmond who passed away after battling Ovarian Cancer for two-and-a-half years.

"This means a whole lot to us, not only to me but to the patients," Richmond said. "That's the biggest thing. These patients are very dear to us because of our situation, losing my only child almost five years ago with this disease."

For more information about the Kelli Leigh Richmond Ovarian Cancer Foundation, or to nominate someone for a Birthday Wish, contact them at (225) 803-9718 or visit their website at