Ascension Parish Planning and Zoning Director Jerome Fournier said the Parish is in the process of sending out letters to property owners who were evaluated after the flood and received a below substantially damaged percentage. He noted during the Dec. 15 council meeting that there are 5,500 letters to be sent.

Rick Webre of the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness said debris removal will continue until Dec. 22 and resume the beginning of January for final removals. Webre noted that they are hoping to finish debris removal throughout the Parish by mid-January.

Residents who need to submit a right-of-way form can do so in room 105 of the Governmental Complex located at 615 Worthey St. in Gonzales.

A quote from Veterans Construction was approved in the amount of $122,000 for office repairs to the Mosquito Control Building for damage that occurred during the flood in August.

Three ordinances were introduced for the Dantin Bruce Development property to revoke an existing 15 foot drainage servitude, an existing 12 foot utility servitude and an existing seven and one-half foot servitude.

Three ordinances were approved, one to amend the zoning map from Mixed Use to Small Planned Unit Development for Cloverdale Subdivision for Craig Smith, another to amend the zoning map to rezone Kenny's Rentals from Rural to Crossroad Commercial and another to revoke an existing 15 foot drainage servitude located across the middle of the properties of Joseph Sanchez, Patrick Sanchez, Carolyn Parent, Barbara Young, John Sanchez and Beatrice Bourque.

The council approved an amendment to the Professional Services Contract for an ACUD #1 Chlorine Burn Treatment and Chloramine Booster Station, not exceeding $2,000, and for to the Master Contract for Professional Services for the Lowery Park Fence Project, not to exceed $1,402.

A resolution was passed allowing Parish employees to carry over their vacation hours, in excess of 360, to the new year due to the flood that occurred in August.