Are you looking for a true haunted house to go to this Halloween? Darrow's Houmas House Plantation and Gardens is said to be the home to two of the most ghostly tales in southern Louisiana.

According to the sugar plantation's website, the Ascension property houses two tales, The Legend of the "Gentlemen" and La Petite Fille, meaning The Little Girl.

The legend of La Petite Fille began in the summer of 2003, shortly after the new owner, Kevin Kelly, purchased the plantation and began a complete makeover of the house.

"It was an extreme makeover," says the plantation's website. "And to say the least, it was disruptive. Literally no stone on the property was left unturned, and in the process, some say, a spirit was awakened."

One of the workers from the electrician crew was the first to report seeing the girl, saying he witnessed her descend from the main stairway and then again saw her in the central hall. Her presence brought upon many concerns, as the house was under major construction and posed safety threats, especially to children.

Other crew members also reported seeing a young girl in a blue dress with brown hair and dark eyes, though before they could ask what she was doing there she disappeared.

Since the completion of the renovation, many guests have often said they have seen the girl in the blue dress, though usually in the morning or late afternoon.

The second legend surrounds the 16 men who died in the late 1920's while working on the property. After the Great Flood of 1927, the Works Progress Administration created the constitution of new and higher levees in the area. During the construction, it is said the men died because they cut down 16 of the plantation's oak trees, known as "The Gentlemen", to be used for the construction of the levees.

While in route one day, the men had a mysterious accident and passed away. Their bodies were never recovered. Legend says that on the property grounds, the sound of sawing and a loud crash can be heard near the oak trees.