The water came fast

The water rose high

It took our belongings and made us cry

It went away and left a mess

It seems we were all put to the test

We cut and gut and spray for the mold

Hauled what was ruined to the side of the road

The insurance adjusters and FEMA came by

We all sit around and just ask why?

Family, Friends and Neighs all come together

We will help each other no matter how tired

The water could never wash away your pride

Make a joke to ease the pain

Then back to work the stress, the strain

We will recover it may take a while

If someone is down just share a smile

A pat on the back a simple hello can go a mile

Break up the work and pass a good time

Have a fish fry or cook a gumbo

Do something fun with people you know

When the last nail is driven the last paint brush cleaned

We can say for years to come- REMEMBER THE FLOOD OF '16!