The recent flood affected the Town of Sorrento in most areas, except the hearts of its residents. During flood recovery, it's been a time of jambalaya and high spirits for the people who took in several feet of water.

Rescues were facilitated by the Cajun Navy, who set up posts throughout the town, most notably near the Sorrento Fire Dept., and brought out as many as 100 rescue boats.

Of the hard hit businesses were Ryan's Family Grocery and Sorrento Lumber. Both businesses have since reopened and have been major recovery posts for town residents, as well as the Sorrento Community Center.

On Aug. 18, Sorrento Lumber posted a message on its Facebook page.

"Sorrento Lumber Company is currently underwater as most of our community," the post read. "Together, our strength and courage will rebuild this wonderful place we call home. We are hand in hand as we truck through this devastation and we are here to provide our services, assist your needs, and to help rebuild our community.

We have set up a temporary location so we can accommodate the needs of the community. We are open and operating at the highest potential we can amongst the uncontrollable circumstances."

Ryan's Family Grocery was just recently able to reopen its doors, but the owners never closed their hearts. The business worked with area cooks to provide jambalaya meals to residents.

And when the need immediately in Sorrento slowed down, residents took to St. Amant.

Employees of Motiva - Convent have been hard at work supporting Ascension Parish through the storm. For the last four weekends, they have been bringing jambalaya to area flood survivors.

On Sept. 10, a team of volunteers boxed up and delivered 300 lunches beginning at 10 a.m. at the home of Kenny Poche of Sorrento. The food was taken to St. Amant, said Stephanie Boswell of Motiva.

Ralph’s Supermarket cooked the meal and with the help of volunteers, 270 plates were boxed and delivered.

"I gave some to all of the volunteers," Kenny Poche said. "We packed up my jeep full to the max. Kitty and myself delivered about 250 plates to the flooded streets of St. Amant."

The volunteers were, Lindsey and Drew McCreary, Mary and Butch Jacob, Rene and Blake Bihm, Mark Townsend, Holly Zeringue, Sara Ryland, Kaleigh Poche and Kitty Poche.

And so much love and support from outside of the state came pouring in and still continues to uphold the small town.