About 20 residents attended the Sept. 12 regular meeting of the mayor and his councilmen to learn about flood relief and actions to be taken by the city.

Residents questions ranged from flood insurance concerns to elevation requirements and financial assistance.

City engineer, Jackie Baumann advised residents that she has met with FEMA representatives who have given her 60 days to finalize a list of projects. Afterwhich, she will be paired with a project management team who will help ensure that the city maximizes its reimbursement amounts. Baumann has already created a working list that includes about a dozen items spanning the categories of sewer, gas, recreation, roadway, buildings, debris and protective measures.

For residents, Baumann was told by FEMA that claims for Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage (ICC) will be eligible if damages exceed 50 percent of the home’s value or if the property has flooded twice in the past ten years.

Most residents present advised council that their homes have flooded more than twice in fewer than ten years, namely those residing in the Silver Leaf subdivision.

Baumann also advised that the city crews have made multiple passes for debris pickup and estimates as of Sept. 12 that the crews are roughly 80 percent done with pickup. The crews anticipate total project completion by sometime next week.

The council unanimously approved the general fund increase of $450,000 for emergencies and contingencies. The amendment brings the fund up to $465,000.

Mayor Barney Arceneaux said the city intends to support its residents in any way possible. The council also agreed to give residents 180 days to have trailers on their property with possibles extensions given on a case-by-case basis.