Another local business is making strides to help flood survivors in south Louisiana by offering free shoes to those in need.

Adrian Escamilla, owner of Adrienne's Boutique in Gonzales, is hosting her second shoe giveaway since the flood that swept through Ascension Parish last month.

Escamilla said she has seen huge success with the initial shoe giveaway from Corkys Footwear, who donated a palette of over 200 shoes, that she reached out to Pierre Dumas who shipped 360 pairs of shoes to the boutique. She also donated 100 pairs from her own personal stock, she said.

"Shoes seems to be the most needed because ladies just ran out of the house with a pair of tennis shoes and flip flops and that's it," Escamilla said. "They can't go to work like that, they can't go to church like that. I think that this is a pressing need."

Unlike other businesses, the boutique owner said there are no requirements to receive the free shoes and owners do not need to show proof of flood damage.

"When people realize it's just come in and grab a pair of shoes, they all almost end up crying. It's been neat to watch how this touches people. I didn't personally realize the grand magnitude of how much it meant to people."

Dozens of flood survivors from all over Ascension, East Baton Rouge and Livingston have made their way to Gonzales to since the giveaway began two weeks ago. Escamill said that she has reached out to more shoe companies to see if they would be interested in joining the cause of helping Louisiana residents.

There are still shoes available from the second giveaway by Pierre Dumas from flats to boots to wedges.

"I was surprised to see the variations of shoes. I was thinking they were going to be flipflops, but it's any kind. There are so many different styles to fit whatever people need at that particular moment."

For more information, visit Adrienne's Boutique at 15507 La. 44 in Gonzales or