As part of the library's annual youth summer reading program, children who read during the sum- mer are eligible to win a T-shirt if they read more than 200 minutes. This week, the Ascension Parish Library in Galvez has awarded T-shirts to the following readers. Read-to-Me T-shirt Recipient: Mateo Diaz Youth T-shirt Recipients: Nicholas Chen, Mae Collins. 

Children who read during the summer were also eligible to win the Outstanding Reader Award. Two Outstanding Reader Prizes are awarded at each location: one to the child who read the most in our Read-to-Me Reading Club and the other to the child who read the most in our Youth Reading Club. The Ascension Parish Library in Galvez has awarded Outstanding Reader Awards to the fol- lowing readers. Read-to-Me Recipient: Indigo Hotopp
Youth Recipient: Amelia Causey. 

Haley Benjamin is a winner in this year’s End of Summer Giveaway, part of the 2016 “Get in the Game: Read” summer reading program at the Ascension Parish Library in Gonzales.