For Darryl Hambrick of Hambrick Family Mortuary, not being able to work from his office won’t stop him from servicing families in need of funeral services.

The business, located at 808 W. Worthey St., sustained about two feet of water during the recent flood, causing Hambrick to cut out about four feet of wall and lose nearly all of his furniture - some belonging to his parents when the business first opened in 1973.

But the show must go on, Hambrick said, unsure of how to properly gut a home, or what his next steps should be.

“I see my whole life just flash,” Hambrick said. “I don’t know where it begins - I don’t know where it ends, I have no idea.

Antique stuff that’s older than me is out on the curb - too expensive to restore at this point. I’ve been finding pictures of me from high school - it’s a family business so there are some personal items here.

They told me to get rid of everything - start over, but I don’t want to do that - I don’t want to start over.”

While Hambrick is conflicted on how to handle the physical business, he said if someone called him, he could still service them.

“We’re still in operation,” Hambrick said.

Through the help of local churches, Hambrick said he still has access to office space and areas to host services. He will continue to offer in-home arrangements, especially now that he is without his own office. Also none of his vehicles were damaged in the flood.

But as Hambrick stood in the gutted shell of his family business, he was not alone. Sister, Kathe Hambrick-Jackson and son, Desmond Lane were there for physical and emotional support. They were joined by several volunteers, who were stationed at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint on La. 30, to assist in the massive clean-up.

The family commented how thankful they were for the volunteers’ assistance, but still they stood in disarray.

“I’m really devastated,” Lane said. “I pretty much built my whole life on this. I’ve been working alongside my dad since 2005. It’s just heartbreaking to see something you love so much be impacted like this.”

But Lane has faith.

“God is in control - He’s gonna help us put everything back together.”

Lane reiterated that the quality of services will go unchanged as the Hambrick family continues to build back its physical location.