Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa announced the suspension of portions of Ordinance 17-505, under the state of emergency, relating to grade requirements.

The ordinance requires all structures be built to a minimum of one foot above FEMA Base Flood Elevation or the record inundation, whichever is higher. President Matassa suspended the record inundation requirement.

“I do not want to place any additional burdens on those who are substantially damaged and wishing to rebuild,” Matassa said. “I have spoken with representatives of FEMA and DOTD who assured me that maintaining the ‘one foot above Base Flood Elevation’ will not threaten our flood insurance rating.”

The suspension will be in effect for thirty days pursuit to an Executive Order. Any further action will require the Parish Council to amend the ordinance.

“I hope this will bring some peace of mind to the people of Ascension Parish, in particular the people of St. Amant, Acy, Lake and the Bluff Swamp area. I want to provide them with as many options as I can to maintain their homes, if they wish to do so,” Matassa said.