August 25

Thomas J. Guillot, 35, 215 Paradise Aly, Donaldsonville, Bond Revocation, False Imprisonment, Simple Robbery, Home Invasion, Violations of Protective Orders.

Victoria Boyce, 43, 13202 George Rouyea Road, Gonzales, Fugitive-Other Louisiana Jurisdiction

August 26

Michael R. Dickerson, 52, 39415 Greg Drive, Prairieville, Fugitive-Other Louisiana Jurisdiction, False Imprisonment, Second Degree Battery.

Adam Blackwell, 25, 37216 White Road, Prairieville, Parole Violation, Criminal Trespass/Trespassing of Real Property, Possession of Heroin, Unlawful Use or Possession of Body Armor, Theft $750 but less than $5000 (Felony), Prohibited acts; Drug Paraphernalia, Simple Burglary of an Inhabited Dwelling.

Ray J. Trosclair, 42, 1454 2nd St., Lutcher, Theft less than $750 (Misdemeanor).

Joseph E. Eskins, 52, 9454 W. Havana Drive, Baton Rouge, Theft.

Verna Lee Bibbs, 49, 10422 Boudreaux Road, Gonzales, Entry on or Remaining in Places or on Land after being Forbidden, Theft of Goods under $500.

Hector J. Gomez, 30, 10871 Cherry Hill Ave., Unit 1, Baton Rouge, In For Court.

Jose Enrique Delgado, 45, 2930 W. La. 90, Sulphur, Misrepresentation During Booking, Illegal Carry of Weapons;Crime or controlled dangerous substance (Felony), Prohibited acts; Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of Schedule II controlled dangerous substance (Methamphetamine).

August 27

Rebecca A. Weaver, 36, 16407 Chris Drive, Prairieville, Theft less than $750 (Misdemeanor), Criminal Trespass/Trespassing of Real Property, Simple Burglary (Vehicle).

Michael Lawrence Thomas, Jr., 34, 7124 Meadow Park Ave., Unit 3, Baton Rouge, Violations of registration provisions, Switched License Plate, Illegal Possession of Stolen Things less than $500.00 (Misdemeanor), Resisting an Officer, Possession of Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA).

Ashley D. Davenport, 33, 44370 Erwin Villar Road, Prairieville, Fugitive-Other Louisiana Jurisdiction.

Michael Shane Spence, 39, 18054 Timberview, Prairieville, Fugitive-Other Louisiana Jurisdiction, Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant.

Derek Wade Mims, 29, 259 Louis Road, Downsville, Simple Battery.

August 28

Troy Lee Robinson, 43, 330 East Great Haye, Gonzales, Driving on Roadway Laned for Traffic, Operating while Intoxicated; 2nd (Misdemeanor), Urinating in Public, Reckless Operation, Unlawful Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test; prior offenses.

Leroy Leblanc, 49, 1707 America St., Donaldsonville, Careless Operation, Operating while Intoxicated; 1st (Misdemeanor).

Jai Joseph Huot, 27, 40721 La. 22, Gonzales, Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant, Violations of Protective Orders, Simple Battery, Aggravated Battery.

Andre Batiste, 48, 134 Evangeline Drive, Apt. 104, Donaldsonville, Theft of Goods under $500, two counts Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant.

April E. Weaver, 36, 43624 Moody Dixon Road, Lot 38, Prairieville, Six counts Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant, Fugitive-Other Louisiana Jurisdiction.

Christopher M. Phillip, 27, 10475 E. Carrolton Circle, St. James, Bond Revocation, Disturbing the peace / Violent & Tumultuous Manner/ Disorderly Conduct, Simple Criminal Damage to Property, Resisting an Officer.

Richard Scott, Jr., 51, 1220 N. Willow St., Gonzales, Disturbing the peace / Drunkenness.

August 29

Trenton Michael Jones, 21, 172 Evangeline Drive, Donaldsonville, Two counts Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant.

Laureano Escobar Flores, 17, 42461 La. 30, Gonzales, Operating while Intoxicated; 1st (Misdemeanor), Driver must be Licensed, Misrepresentation During Booking, Reckless Operation.

John Dale Lee, Jr., 24, 16305 Keystone Blvd., Prairieville, Carnal Knowledge of a Juvenile (Felony).

Tate Joshua, 29, 6306 La. 107 S., Plaucheville, Blocking of Private Driveways, Highways and Department Rights of Way, Penalties, View outward or inward through windshield or windows; obscuring prohibited, Possession of Alcoholic Beverages in Motor Vehicles, Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated; Child Endangerment Law.

Cody Michael Gaudet, 24, 406 S. Pleasant Ave., Gonzales, Three counts Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant.

Otis R. Chatman, 56, 506 W. Fifth St., Donaldsonville, Aggravated Second Degree Battery, Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant, Prohibited acts; Drug Paraphernalia, Aggravated Second Degree Battery.

August 30

Charles Fisher, 17, 400 W. Tenth St., Donaldsonville, Simple Criminal Damage to Property.

Neal J. Rood, 42, 37113 White Road, Lot 25, Prairieville, Parole Violation, Resisting an Officer, Fugitive-Other Louisiana Jurisdiction.

Wyatt Joseph Templet, 41, 45368 Penny Duplessis Road, St. Amant, Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant.

Henry Bougere, 61, 205 W. Second St., Donaldsonville, Possession of marijuana, or synthetic cannabinoids, Aggravated Assault.

Trey Baron, 25, 345 Oak St., Denham Springs, Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant.

Kent Washington, 52, 3042 Brasset Road, Donaldsonville, Four counts Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant, Operating Vehicle while License is Suspended, Security Required, Expired License Plates.

Kenneth J. Villar, 58, 1114 E. Sybil Ave., Gonzales, Bond Revocation, Vagrancy,

Disturbing the peace / Drunkenness.

August 31

Sarah Rae Ethridge, 27, 14074 Mire Road, Gonzales, Disturbing the peace / Language/ Disorderly Conduct, Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant.

Mary Frances Gulino, 26, 44388 E. Villar Road, Prairieville, Disturbing the peace / Language/ Disorderly Conduct.

Ryan M. Outlaw, 39, 37313 La. 74, Geismar, Careless Operation, Operating while Intoxicated; 3rd (Felony).

Michael Mitchell, 39, 614 W. Fifth St., Donaldsonville, Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant.

Nicole W. Jackson, 39, 105 W. Eighth St., Donaldsonville, Bond Revocation, Disturbing the peace / Drunkenness.

Milton Leblanc, 49, 35291 Rayville Road, Donaldsonville, Fugitive-Other Louisiana Jurisdiction.

Kayla M. Lambert, 31, 14310 Oak Meadow St., 35, Gonzales, Fugitive-Other Louisiana Jurisdiction, Maximum Speed Limit, Resisting an Officer, Operating Vehicle while License is Suspended.

John Joseph Grisaffe, 52, 105 Anna St., Donaldsonville, Three counts Failure to Appear-Bench Warrant.

Darren J. Leblanc, 56, 9414 Reine Road, St. Amant, Possession of Schedule II controlled dangerous substance (Amphetamine), Possession of Firearm by Person Convicted of Certain Felonies, Illegal Possession of Stolen Firearms.