With the recent historic flooding that has swept across Ascension Parish many have been left displaced from their homes and businesses, including CARA’s House. The animal shelter was forced to evacuate from their location on Sunday due the fear of high water and was moved to the main arena at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center.

According to CARA’s House, all animals at their Sorrento locations was either moved to shelters or sent to recuse and foster homes.

“We had to evacuate all 219 of our own animals to make sure they were safe,” said the shelter via Facebook. “Other shelters and rescues helped us out tremendously. We are now at Lamar Dixon taking care of the animals people have brought there and who will most likely end up at our shelter.”

CARA’s House is currently assisting with evacuees and their pets at Lamar-Dixon, as the shelter is the only one in Ascension that allows pets.

When evacuating with your pet, a supply kit should be in place that includes proper identification, immunization records, food and water, a carrier or cage, medications and a collar and leash.

During the disaster, animals brought to a pet shelter are required to have proper identification collar and rabies tag, a carrier or cage, leash, an ample supply of food and water, medications, trash bags for clean up and proper identification on their collars. Pets should also be brought indoors before the storm so that they can adjust and remain calm.

After the storm, if pets cannot be found the local animal control office should be contacted and supplied with pictures if possible. Animals should also be kept on a leash until they are re-oriented with their surroundings and until debris and high water is down.

Animal owners who need assistance during the flooding events or post-events should contact the local Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness at (225) 621-8360 or the Parish Animal Control Office at (225) 675-0400 to volunteer or donate items to CARA’s House.