To the citizens of Ascension Parish,

I am heartbroken over the tremendous loss many of you have experienced from the flooding. Our office has personally experienced the same issues you have the last few days. We sandbagged. We lifted furniture and household items.  We cried when our own house or the houses of either family, friends, or neighbors were lost, and we have rejoiced with those family, friends, and neighbors who find their homes free from any water damage.

Because of the natural disaster declaration and the significant flood damage, La. R.S. 47:1978.1 requires our office to delay the adoption of the 2016 tax roll to address all flooded property assessments.  We will be sending teams into the field throughout the parish in order to determine the amount of damage caused by the flooding and make reductions to property values accordingly.  

As your Assessor we are going to do everything possible to lessen this year's tax liability according the flood damage your received.