A tale of two sisters, one of themís sad;
The otherís a wild gal, has probíly been bad.

Hanginí in Mexico down by the pool;
But wouldnít a cage dive be far more cool?

Way out on a boat, the green water turns blue;
The shark tankís all rusted, too bad itís not new.

Thereís chum in the water, should be lots of sharks;
Watch out for their teeth, they leave nasty marks.

Lisa is nervous, but Kate is excited;
Hereís hoping that neither one gets themselves bited.

Some fans will rejoice seeing Matthew Modine;
Itís too bad he has just five minutes onscreen.

Your air tank has only got 200 bars;
Once that hits zero, youíll start seeing stars.

The lightingís real dark, itís so hard to see
Where our heroes have been and where they will be.

Theyíre trapped down below in a cage thatís all rusted;
These non-hotel tours just cannot be trusted.

The radioís dotty, they keep losing touch
With the boat way up top, will they end up as lunch?

Javierís been sent down to help save the day;
Oh, wait, thatís his head and itís floating away.

Thereís lots of fresh blood, the sharks start to hover;
Each sister is worried about whatís above her.

Extra air tanks can be sent underwater;
Narcosis could happen, so no, they shouldnít oughta.

They canít go up fast since that causes the bends;
Besides there are sharks; donít swim, thatís nonsense.

Only oneís rescued. Sorry, not two;
Itís not worth a ticket to figure out who.

ó Ed Symkus writes about movies for More Content Now.

ď47 Meters DownĒ
Written and directed by Johannes Roberts
With Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, Matthew Modine
Rated PG-13