A string of deaths and disappearances has led investigators to open an investigation into a German zoo, as potential criminal activity is suspected. On Nov. 30 a Humboldt penguin was found dead in the flamingo cage, with two others missing from the Dortmund Zoo. This isn't the first incident that has plagued the zoo, in August three Pygmy marmoset monkeys and two Acouchi rodents were stolen.  In early Nov., a sea lion was found dead with a smashed skull and three missing teeth. 

     In early January two endangered monkeys froze to death in a Louisiana zoo. The Cotton-top Tamarins were left outside in the cold by their caretaker who accidently forgot to put them back in their habitat. The monkeys are among the smallest monkeys in the world, weighing less than a pound each. Their native habitat of northern Colombia has temperatures between 76 and 85 degrees. The caretaker resigned shortly after the incident. 

     A Canadian man pleaded guilty in court to trying to smuggle 51 live turtles from the U.S. into the Canadian border. Kai Xu, 27, of Windsor, Ontario, was arrested in Sept. 2014 with 41 live turtles, including box turtles and terrapins, taped to his legs and another 10 hidden between his legs. Authorities said he admitted to attempting to export more than 1,000 turtles out of the U.S. to China. On Dec. 1, 2015, Xu pleaded guilty to six smuggling charges, which holds a maximum of 10 years in prison. 

     A suspected burglar died in a chimney of a California home after the resident lit a fire in the fireplace. The homeowner heard screams inside of the fire and immediately extinguished the fire. Authorities believe that 19-year-old Cody Caldwell was stuck in the chimney for nearly 24 hours. Caldwell was pronounced dead at the scene from burns and smoke inhalation.