Everyday bizarre events occur around the world, so wacky that it almost sounds to strange to be true. Here are some recent events that caught my eye. Come back every week to read more strange news from around the world.

Cadets in the U. S. military will no longer be allowed to have pillow fights as it has officially been banned following a massive pillow fight over the summer at West Point that left 30 injured. Each year first-year cadets, also known as “plebes,” have an annual pillow fight after the rigorous summer of training, a tradition that dates back to 2001. However, this year the fight ended violent, with 24 concussions, multiple fractures and a broken nose.

Ever wanted to own an entire town? Now is your chance, as the 6-acre town of Swett, located in South Dakota, is up for sale. The “ghost town” features a bar, three-bedroom house and a former tire shop, all for the price of $250,000. Listing agent Stacie Montgomery said she has had three written offers, though all have fell through. "Some of the types of individuals who have been interested in the past included people who wanted to be their own mayor, people who wanted to live off-grid, several production companies thinking about reality shows, hunters who wanted to create a hunting lodge, or somebody who wants to own a bar," said Montgomery to the Rapid City Journal.

An intoxicated woman was hospitalized after she allegedly snuck into a Nebraska zoo to try and pet a tiger. Reports stated that Jacqueline Eide, 33, was treated for “severe trauma to her hand,” after she snuck into Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha and reached her hand in a Malayan tiger's cage. Eide was cited for criminal trespass.

Remember when Trent Boudreaux, 21, of Cut Off, was arrested in September for entering LSU's mascots, Mike VI, habitat? Boudreaux was arrested for criminal trespassing and simple criminal damage after he climbed the habitat's eight-foot walls during the Sept. 5 LSU-McNeese football game. Fortunately for him, Mike was not in the cage.