Thousands of brands use Instagram as a way to connect with customers. 

A recent study by University of Wisconsin and photo integration company Olapic reveals what kind of images actually drive sales. 

University of Wisconsin researchers used Olapic's data for the study. Olapic implements shoppers' Instagram photos onto brand sites like Lululemon and West Elm. 

Here are five Instagram tricks the study found to be effective in driving sales: 

1. Using yellow and blue in images. The study notes that other scientists have found that these colors are also effective in ads. 

2. Writing longer captions. When captions are short, "the sentimental content is likely to be minimal," the researchers write. Communicating more with shoppers increases the likelihood that they'll feel connected. 

3. Avoiding question marks or exclamation points in captions. Dramatic punctuation was found to have a negative effect on shoppers. 

4. Not using filters. "A surprising thing about this study is that while Instagram is all about users making their photos more beautiful with filters, they expect brand images to be more authentic," Olapic co-founder Pau Sabria told us in a telephone interview. "There is a different standard for brands." 

5. Posting infrequently. Shoppers don't want to be inundated with brand images. Brands who were selective about posting but had high follower counts did better than those who posted several times a day, according to the study. 

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