Blake LeBlanc resigned from his position as mayor of Sorrento at the town council meeting Tuesday night. 

Blake LeBlanc resigned from his position as mayor of Sorrento at the town council meeting Tuesday night.

Before resigning LeBlanc, who has served as the town’s mayor for the past 15 months,  conducted the entire council meeting as usual. Near the end of the meeting, he declared his resignation during his regular mayor’s report.

LeBlanc’s decision to resign came after questioning the future of the town and accusing council members of failing the residents of Sorrento.

“I’m putting the good people of this town on notice,” LeBlanc stated in a letter he prepared for the council. “Sorrento, I believe you have a liberal council, and I believe that this council will appropriate funds like sand through an hourglass, eventually exhausting the town’s treasury--as mayor, I will not be a part of a governing body that has failed their town so miserably.”

LeBlanc did not specify what certain councilman had played an active his role in disapproval, but used as an example, an instance when he suggested to dismiss a town employee. LeBlanc said he called council members into executive session three times to discuss the issue, but council members felt his decision was wrong even though he said he had just cause.

“Instead of calling your mayor and asking can we talk on an issues, you join a mob and point fingers and call names,” LeBlanc said.

LeBlanc said he would continue to work as a pipe fitter with a possible job opportunity in Mississippi.

“Mayor LeBlanc's resignation is not effective until it is received by the Secretary of State,” Town Attorney Erin Lanoux said.

“Pursuant to the Louisiana Elections Code, the Town will have to appoint someone to act as interim mayor until a special election can be held,” Lanoux explained. “This appointment will have to be made within 10 days from Secretary of State's declared date of vacancy; the town should get that from them within the next few days.”

Unrelated to the mayor’s resignation, Randy Anny was sworn in as the town’s new councilman, filling a seat left vacant by former councilman’s John Braud’s resignation in May.

After being elected as a councilman in 2005, Anny gave up the chance to seek re-election to run for mayor of Sorrento last year and lost to LeBlanc.

Anny, a Democrat, defeated the mayor’s  wife, Stephanie LeBlanc, a Republican, in the Oct. 2 open primary election for the council seat.