The buzz all week has been about the NFL’s latest crackdown on illegal hits.

Adam Carolla has a new book coming out called “In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks.” In it he laments the absurdity of modern culture through a series of rants.

He may be on to something with such a provocative title. I’m not sure if all men will be eradicated in a half a century, but if nothing else, football?as we know it today will be vastly different – if in existence at all.

The buzz all week has been about the NFL’s latest crackdown on illegal hits. It’s?understandable that the league has rules, and the integrity of those rules should be maintained through proper enforcement.

But let’s not pretend that football is a safe sport. Contact is a major component. Every time the action starts, a series of violent acts commences. The physicality of these acts vary greatly.

Players who reach the NFL don’t get their positions on a whim, neither do amateur players for that matter. Anyone who doesn’t perform gets pulled. Those who earn their spots must be ruthless.

Unfortunately, injuries are a part of the game. Players are susceptible to injury even on the most routine plays.

At a young age I saw firsthand how brutal football can be. My uncles played football in high school and it was common for them to nurse various injuries. These were teenaged guys who knew their way around crutches.

Some injuries never heal. My uncle Vinnie used to be able to do 140 pushups nonstop. Now he can’t do one. After playing linebacker for Tulane University, he was left with a permanently damaged shoulder.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic called it “the worst shoulder they’ve ever seen,” he said.

Despite the limited use of his shoulder, he maintains an active lifestyle as a fitness trainer and avid cyclist.

He said it concerns him how so many former players are left to deal with their injuries after their playing days are done. He recently wrote about the matter on his site

The NFL may have good intentions with its latest crackdown, but it won’t change the nature of the game.

Who knows, maybe in fifty years it’ll be the National Powderpuff League and Hello Kitty will be the new logo.