EAHS classes of 1970-74

The East Ascension High School classes of 1970-71-72-73 and 74 are joining together for a class reunion Saturday, May 8, 2010 at the Gonzales Civic Center.

EAHS classes of 1970-74

The East Ascension High School classes of 1970-71-72-73 and 74 are joining together for a class reunion Saturday, May 8, 2010 at the Gonzales Civic Center. For more information, contact: 1970, Karen Gautreau Babin at KayKaybabin@eatel.net; 1971, Beverly Savoy Decoteau at beverlydecoteau@eatel.net; 1972, Beth Smiley Ambeau, bethambeau@hotmail.com; 1973, Theresa Gautreau Averette at larep059@legis.state.la.us and 1974, Debra “Flea” Johnston at djohns2@cox.net.

Istrouma High class of 1970

The Istrouma High School class of 1970 will hold its 40-year reunion July 17, 2010 at the Holiday-Inn South in Baton Rouge. For complete information, visit the website at www.istrouma1970.com.  

EAHS class of 1975

The East Ascension High School class of 1975 will hold its 35th year class reunion on May 8, at the Carriage House in Gonzales. The cost is $50 per person/$100 per couple. Make checks payable to EA class of 1975, 15263 Melrose Dr., Prairieville, LA 70769.
For more information, call Ralph Rebowe at (225) 647-2475 or you can visit the website classmates.com for complete information.

Glen Oaks High School 1978

The 1978 graduates of Glen Oaks High School are having a “Half a Century Party” Saturday, May 1, 2010 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the City Room, 1006 W. Hwy. 30, Gonzales.
Classmates are asked to bring your own drinks and either a dish to go with jambalaya or a desert. You can register at www.1978GlenOaks.myevent.com or e-mail Ellen at Danswithme@cox.net or Roby at RobyWax@yahoo.com for more information. 

EAHS/STA classes of 1980

The East Ascension/St. Amant High schools classes of 1980 are holding their 30th class reunion on Saturday, July 24. The reunion committee would like assistance in helping contact classmates. Contact Brigitte Reulet at 225-614-7562, Dana Braud Lipoma at 225-933-2225, or Carla Gautreau Ruiz at 225-715-1849 for more information. You may also reach the class reunion committee via facebook at ea.staclassreunion@yahoo.com

Donaldsonville High classes of 1982-85

Donaldsonville High classes of 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1985 are planning a multi-class reunion. For more information, call Angie Morales Sherman at 939-0876 or visit sherman@etiger

St. Amant Class of 1990

The St. Amant Class of 1990 will have its 20-year class reunion at the Grand Pavilion in Gonzales Saturday, Aug. 28, 2010 from 7-11 p.m. Make checks payable to: STA Class of 1990, 39439 Lakeland Ave., Prairieville, LA 70769.
Pricing is as follows: $40/person before May 1; $45/person before Aug. 1; and $55/person after Aug. 1.
If you have any questions, contact Lori Lambert Parent (llparent@yahoo.com) or Trampas Amedee (tjam7@eatel.net)

Assumption High class of 1990

Assumption High School Class of 1990 is holding a 2- year class reunion June 12, 2010. 
For more information, contact Robyn Guedry Theriot at patrob@eatel.net or 225-938-2229.

St. Amant High class of 1991

St. Amant High School class of 1991 invites classmates for a 4-day cruise out of New Orleans to Cozumel for an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and to celebrate the 20th anniversary graduation.
The cruise is planned to celebrate the 20-year reunion for SAHS class of 1991, but others are welcome. Call Ms. Pat at Alana International Travel at 225-647-8687 to book. There is a whole year to plan. Cruise dates are Thursday, April 7 through Monday, April 11, 2011 with a $50 deposit per person required.

St. Amant High class of 2000

The St. Amant class of 2000 reunion is set for Saturday, July 31, 2010 at the Grande Pavilion 14210 Airline Highway, Gonzales. For complete information, visit ashleyandermann@yahoo.com

East Ascension High class of 2000

The East Ascension High School class of 2000 reunion committee is planning the 10th class reunion and would like anybody’s assistance in helping contact classmates. Go to www.EAHSClassof2000.com for more information or contact Nicole Bourgeois at 225-715-9249 for more details

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