Top seven new pieces of hunting equipment

Top seven new pieces of hunting equipment


1. Matthews DXT SlimLimb Bow

Cost Matthews Inc. suggested retail cost is $859.00

Maker Matthews Inc.

What Matthews Inc.’s bow for 2008 is a 3.75 pound piece of equipment that is about 30 inches in length. It has been designed to have a streamlined appearance and comes in a camouflage pattern. 

Why Matthews Inc. purports its latest SlimLimb Bow to have exceptional accuracy and power. It has a faster speed of 322 feet per second, and its size makes it easy to tote and easy to use in tight spaces.


2. Trail Scout Pro

Cost $369.99 at

Maker Busnell Outdoor products

What The Trail Scout Pro is a digital surveillance device that allows hunters to take photos or 15-second movies to scout out what’s in the area.

Why It can be used at night without giving away the camera’s location. 


3. Garmin Rino 530Hcx

Cost Garmin’s suggested retail value is $535.70

Maker Garmin

What Both a GPS navigational and communication tool, the Rino helps hunters stay on course even in remote locations and allows groups of hunters to send their exact locations to one another.

Why The high-sensitivity GPS can locate the hunter’s position quickly no matter how remote the spot is. It also comes with an electronic compass, weather radio and a 14-mile range to be able to locate fellow hunters.


4. RedHead Epic Binoculars

Cost $239.99 at

Maker RedHead Hunting

What These binoculars are fog-free and waterproof with features such as a multi-coated lens system and shock absorbing rubber armor.

Why The lens coating has improved the contrast and fatigue-free viewing capabilities of the binoculars. The resolution has been increased with this model as well.


5. Walker Game Ear

Cost Prices range from about $150 to about $675 depending on the model

Maker GSM-Walker Products, LLC

What The Game Ear both enhances and decreases sounds. The device can magnify high frequency noises up to seven times higher while also protecting the ear from loud blasts that could be damaging.

Why The product boasts a high Noise Reduction Rating of 29 decibels. Plus the Digital Directional version, which is the more expensive model, offers microphones that can be programmed by the user to pick up specific sounds.


6. Summit Titan

Cost $368.00 for just the holder and platform; and up to about $650 with all of the accessories at

Maker Summit Treestands

What The treestand is a climb-and-sit tool that allows the hunter to have a bird’s eye view of the area.

Why It is bigger than previous Summit Treestand models with a weight capacity of about 350 lbs. It also has a wider and longer platform, providing more legroom for the hunter.


7. Rack Blaster Deer Call with DVD

Cost $21.99 at

Maker Knight and Hale

What This deer call has a “Blasting Chamber,” which helps redirect air flow and make deer sounds more realistic. It is sold at Bass Pro with an instructional DVD

Why Because the airflow is being diverted through the chamber, the sound quality is more authentic than many devices, which lose sound quality because of the way air hits the reeds.



In the world of hunting


10.7 million Number of hunters who devote 164 million days to hunting big game.


96 percent Percentage of hunters hunt within their resident state.


12.5 million Number of hunters 16 years and older hunted on public land, private land, or both.


35 to 44 The average hunter’s age in the U.S.