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  This Week’s Sign of a Bad Economy   You know the economy is bad when people start trading in automobiles for mules. And that’s exactly what family of Tennessee farmers has done – tired of gas prices, they’ve taken to using a pair of mules to harvest hay in their fields. One of the farmers was quoted as saying, "We can feed these mules cheaper than we can buy fuel. That's the truth."   The List   According to Forbes, here are the most valuable soccer franchises in the world (or rather, “football franchises,” since no U.S. team even comes close to the top 10):   1. Manchester United: $1.8 billion   2. Real Madrid: $1.3 billion   3. Arsenal: $1.2 billion   4. Liverpool: $1 billion   5. Bayern Munich: $917 million   6. AC Milan: $798 million   7. Barcelona: $784 million   8. Chelsea: $764 million   9. Juventus: $510 million   10.  Schalke 04: $470 million   Tip of the Week: How to organize your business contacts   Tom Stearns, a data organization expert with CardScan, offers the following tips for small-business owners looking to organize their contact data with software applications:   - Look for programs that make it easy to input data.   - Be sure your database software can be synced with your other electronic devices or software, such as your mobile device, BlackBerry, smart phone or e-mail application.   - Consider an online service to back up your data   - Choose software that prompts you to check the accuracy of information, rather than one that just drops it into another program. (ARA)   Number to Know: $36 billion   Amount of money the big five oil companies have made in the first three months of 2008.   Another Number to Know: $15   Amount for the first checked bag that American Airlines will begin charging on June 15, the first fee of its kind. If you want to check more than one bag, it could cost you up to $50.   Quote of Note   “People actually that are more affluent are coming down to Wal-Mart because of our great prices and because we save people money so they can live better, and that applies the same to anyone here in this room as well as our core business customers.”   Eduardo Castro-Wright, who heads Wal-Mart U.S., told stockholders. (Lauren FitzPatrick)   Tech Tip: Microsoft Word shortcuts, part II   Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll highlight keyboard shortcuts that work in Word 2002, 2003 and 2007.   Date Field: ALT+SHIFT+D Delete Back Word: CTRL+BACKSPACE Delete Word: CTRL+DELETE Dictionary: ALT+SHIFT+F7 Do Field Click: ALT+SHIFT+F9 Doc Close: CTRL+W or CTRL+F4 Doc Maximize: CTRL+F10 Doc Move: CTRL+F7 Doc Restore: CTRL+F5 Doc Size: CTRL+F8 Doc Split: ALT+CTRL+S Double Underline: CTRL+SHIFT+D End of Column: ALT+PAGE DOWN End of Column: ALT+SHIFT+PAGE DOWN End of Doc Extend: CTRL+SHIFT+END End of Document: CTRL+END End of Line: END End of Line Extend: SHIFT+END End of Row: ALT+END End of Row: ALT+SHIFT+END End of Window: ALT+CTRL+PAGE DOWN End of Window Extend: ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE DOWN Endnote Now: ALT+CTRL+D Extend Selection: F8 Field Chars: CTRL+F9 Field Codes: ALT+F9 Find: CTRL+F Font: CTRL+D or CTRL+SHIFT+F Font Size Select: CTRL+SHIFT+P Footnote Now: ALT+CTRL+F   Source: Microsoft   GateHouse News Service