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W Magazine predicted, just before the start of 2017, that this might be the year of revived 1980s styles. Evidence enough are the ruffles and off-the-shoulder glam pervading women’s boutiques.

Yet, prices are high on these resurrected fashions. The publication asks this question: “Why head to the department store to find the latest trend when you can just as easily find it in the thrift store?”

Point well taken. So much about this season’s fashions already fill up thrift and consignment shops. Save precious pennies for solid classics, such as jackets, jeans, white T-shirts and white button-downs, as well as plaids, tartans and checks. The latter three tend to cycle back around with frequency, where as these five trends will likely be here today and gone tomorrow, not to emerge again for another 30 years:

1. Fringe: Stylecaster lists it as predominant this season, especially expressed on dresses.

2. Denim skirts and jackets: There is probably one tucked deep in a closet or in the attic; if not, check out the local Goodwill or Salvation Army store.

3. Ruffles: W Magazine touts them as “Reagan-era,” and they are so over the top and bold that they are certain to fizzle quickly.

4. Crop and mesh tops: Unless there is a great deal at
Forever 21 or other trendy discount shops, avoid this Madonna-reminiscent fad.

5. Brocade, embroidery, shearling: Because these adornments are labor-intensive, costs for clothing sporting them are naturally high. Fashion’s fickle culture is liable to stuff them back into the past and move on.

A trendy item that will not hamper funds, yet still brings a touch of ’80s nostalgia to a wardrobe is the scrunchie. Good Housekeeping suggested in June that it is OK to spend a few dollars on once-again celebrity-popular scrunchies.