When you work your core at HWY 44 (by Ralph's in Galvez)

No binding contract required; two free training sessions for new members who join! The only catch will be you with your new and improved body this summer! With new owners Chris Delaune and Troy Dison, Snap Fitness on 44 by Ralph’s in Galvez has never looked so good! Come in and enjoy everything snap has to offer, including the new fitness class throughout the day targeted for all ages! Snap on Hwy 44 by Ralph's in Galvez offers silver sneaker, insurance discounts, prepaid discounts, incentives, and so much more!

“We are so excited on the new purchase and have been working very hard! We finally have the opportunity to bring to life all of the things we’ve always wanted to see happen in the gym and personally make a difference in so many peoples lives. We are able to implement our passion for healthy living through our gym and through our new nutrition shop that is soon to open. The shop will be accessible from inside/outside of the gym, as well as through a drive through window. The shop will offer breakfast/lunch wraps, salads, smoothies, and health supplements, as well as workout cloths and so much more! I can't say enough how much we enjoy seeing all of our happy members, as well as all of the new faces that have joined our snap team. We love seeing all of the members being so positive and motivated, including the outstanding results of the members who have been dominating the group classes that we’ve brought back in our 1700 sq ft exercise room! We look forward to the opening of the nutrition shop and to all of the exciting things Snap 44 has to offer!”

So Please, come in and check us out! Like our page on social media, call for questions or more information, and let us know what we can do for you. SNAP FITNESS HWY 44, 225-622-9999.

Contributed by Angelle Elwood