The Louisiana Workforce Commission's (LWC) latest compilation shows the average weekly wage in Vernon is $726 for about 13,000 employees. In Beauregard, it was reported as $793 for about 8,200 employees.

The line-item report has no information from education services — elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities and other education-related enterprises.

According to a spokesman for the LWC, the information is not published in the report because of the relatively small number of employers in the group in each parish.

“The LWC is committed to providing the most up-to-date and detailed information about labor markets in Louisiana. In providing such data we are sensitive about the employers who provide such data for statistical use.

“Unfortunately very few employers make a large portion of employment in the Educational Services category in the two parishes that could allow for the employers to be identified. As such we are unable to publish this information.”

The report lists 20 such employer units in Vernon and 4 in Beauregard. The numbers of jobs in each case are not reported. The omission of the information is common in most of the smaller parishes’ reports. In larger ones, such as Calcasieu, where there are 44 units with about 7,500 employees, the data is reported.

Wages from the category do appear to be included in the total wages for the quarter in each parish. Beauregard’s reported total was $84.4 million and it appears about $12 million was in educational services and other non-publishable categories, which seemed to have about 1,700 employees.

Vernon’s reported total wages for the quarter were $123.7 million, with about $18 million apparently in the non-publishable categories that seemed to have about 2,000 employees.

Statewide, the average weekly wage in the quarter was $906. The regional average for Vernon’s market area (also including Avoyelles, Catahoula, Concordia, Grant, Lasalle, Rapides and Winn Parishes) was $721; for Beauregard’s market area (including Allen, Calcasieu, Cameron, and Jefferson Davis) it was $936.

Health care and social assistance account for the most employment in both Beauregard and Vernon in the quarterly report as far as can be determined from the report.

In Beauregard, 1,379 persons worked in that field, with average wages of $619. In Vernon, 2,097 jobs were counted in the category, paying an average of $889.

In Beauregard, manufacturing jobs, about 970, paid a weekly average of $1,822, by far the leader of the survey. Twenty-seven manufacturing operations were counted. In Vernon, manufacturing jobs (180 of them) averaged $619.

In Vernon, the public administration payroll led the way. Government workers, police and fire and the courts are among the subcategories. The 1,240 jobs paid an average of $1,181 weekly. That compares to $659 for the category in Beauregard.

Employment categories and average weekly wages for Beauregard, Vernon:

Agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting - $883, $726.

Mining - $1,241, $1,198;

Utilities - $803, $1,053;

Construction - $821, $709;

Manufacturing - $1,822; $619;

Wholesale trade - $694; $697;

Retail trade - $456; $472;

Transportation and warehousing - $1,210, $672;

Information - $572, $736;

Finance and insurance - $1,003, $651; $897;

Professional and technical services - $969; $952;

Management of companies and enterprises - No data provided, either parish.

Administrative and waste services - $518, $693;

Educational services - No data provided, either parish;

Health care and social assistance - $619, $889;

Arts, entertainment and recreation - No data provided, either parish;

Accommodation and food services - $229, $285;

Other services, except public administration - $596, $590;

Public administration - $659, $1,181.