Over 1,300 4-Hers from across Louisiana traveled to the LSU campus in Baton Rouge, June 20-23, for an “Out of This World” experience at 4-H University. During 4-H University, 4-Hers can choose to compete in one of over 40 different competitions or attend the non-competitive clover college, run for a 4-H State Office position or 4-H State Board, serve as a voting delegate, and attend educational programs.

In addition to learning and competing, youth get an inside view of the college experience. 4-Hers get to stay on the LSU campus in the dorms, learn the campus by traveling to different locations for contests and educational programs, and attend assemblies in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center.

This year’s 4-H University theme was “4-H is Out of this World” and Ascension Parish 4-H was well represented with 18 4-H’ers participating in a wide range of contests and educational programs.

In addition to contest winners, several 4-Hers were selected to serve on a 4-H State Board after submitting a written application and going through a rigorous interview process. James Daigle was selected to serve on that State 4-H Shooting Sports Board for a two year term, Stacey Kloosterman was selected to serve on the State 4-H Fashion Board for a second one year term, Caitlin Marquis and Kinslei Scroggs were both selected to serve on the State 4-H Citizenship board for a one year term. Each of these 4-Hers will assist their fellow board members in planning and conducting state 4-H Activities in their respective board areas.

Two 4-H’ers from each parish served as voting delegates to participate in the business activities of 4-H University. Ascension 4-H’s delegates, Charles Sanchez and Makenna Babin, assisted in the democratic process of electing the State 4-H Officers, Regional Representatives and conducting the yearly business of the 4-H organization.

2017 Ascension Parish 4-H Results:

ATV Safety: Blue Ribbon Winner - Paige Zeringue

Fashion Review- Creative Choice: Fourth Place- Stacey Kloosterman

Fishing Sports Team: Fourth Place- James Daigle, Alex Milazzo, and Noah Stafford

Fishing Sports Individual Awards: Blue Ribbon - James Daigle; Blue Ribbon - Alex Milazzo

Horticulture Demonstration (team): Fourth Place – Allie Daigle and Maci Schexnayder

Insect Identification: Blue Ribbon Winner – Zoe Schwaller

Louisiana Chef (team): Blue Ribbon Winners – Charles Sanchez and Zack Zeringue