Kids Discover with help from Ascension Fund Grant

An Ascension Fund grant was awarded to Brooke Todd, a sixth grade teacher at Dutchtown Middle School, for the 2016-17 school year. Due to the grant provided by Vulcan Materials Company, the entire sixth grade student body at Dutchtown Middle was able to receive a subscription to Kids Discover online. Kids Discover, an online subscription, gives students access to Science and Social Studies articles specifically designed for the middle school classroom.

With the subscription, students gain access to over 1,000 topics with graphics and video clips.

“The goal is to get them excited about learning, as well as improve test scores, understanding, and engagement in the learning,” Todd said. “The website and apps are jam packed with facts, figures, andstunning images.”

All readings are age appropriate and engaging for students. With the grant, students are each able to have their own login and are able to achieve a greater understanding and appreciation for the topics learned about in class and the world around them.

Move Your Way To Excellence

An Ascension Fund Grant, provided by PotashCorp-Geismar, was awarded to Amy Sanders of Spanish Lake Primary School. Sanders wanted to find a way to allow her students the liberty to “MOVE” around and get their wiggles out when they felt they were reaching a level of frustration, felt their attention slipping, or were having a difficult time remaining focused. 

She wanted to find a way for them to accomplish this movement while remaining on task and utilizing every second we have during our class time. Sanders began to research the benefits of “flexible seating.” Flexible seating allows students the opportunity to make a choice of which seating in classrooms will allow them to be more successful as a student and help them to stay focused and engaged.

With the help of the grant, she was able to accomplish the goal of helping many students to meet their goals and soar academically. Through the Ascension Fund Grant, was able to purchase two Health and Fitness Balance Ball Chairs, four Air Stability Wobble Cushions, and 14 Learniture Active Learning Wobble Stools.

Believe To Achieve: Dynamath

My name is Jacie Dunbar. I am a fifth grade math teacher at Lake Elementary. I received a $1,000 grant from Ascension Fund this school year, 2016 -17. As many of you already know, Lake Elementary was one of the schools that flooded in August. The resources provided through this grant couldn’t have come through at a more perfect time. After finding out that 9 ½ years worth of teaching materials and resources were gone, it was an overwhelming feeling to remember that I was blessed just a few days prior with this amazing grant and my students would reap the benefits.

Through this grant, I was able to purchase a DynaMath subscription from Scholastic for each of my 95 students. This subscription provided each student with a monthly magazine containing non-fiction text and related it to important math skills. DynaMath motivates students and reinforces the classroom curriculum and Common Core Standards by providing math activities that are current, engaging, and relevant to students' lives. 

My students really enjoyed reading the articles and working through the math questions both alone and with partners. In addition to the magazines, this grant also provided me with online access to endless critical thinking activities and allowed my students to engage in interactive resources, games (which I could post to their google classroom), and videos corresponding with the current math skills. My partner teacher, who teaches ELA, came to me one day in the fall very excited. She saw one of our students reading one of the articles in her classroom and realized it would also be a fantastic resource for her to use in ELA. She too lost most of her resources and was able incorporate the text from the DynaMath magazines into her mini lessons to highlight text structures in writing.

Finally, I want to take a moment to sincerely thank Chester and Penny Diez. Their kindness and generosity is appreciated more than anyone can imagine. Without them, the funds for this grant would have not been possible through the Ascension Fund.

Sorrento Primary Students Participate In Book Clubs

Mighty Mudbug fourth and fifth graders at Sorrento Primary School participated in weekly book club meetings to read and discuss interesting novels, made possible by the Ascension Idol Fundraiser through the Ascension Fund.

The purpose of the project is to encourage and foster a life-long love for reading in young students. Book clubs meet weekly, outside of the traditional classroom, and include a mixture of students from different grade levels and classes. Conversation centers around connections to the story, themes and lessons that can be applied to their lives, and overall level of enjoyment.

One hundred five of the 180 students in fourth and fifth grade requested to be a part of at least one book club. Students who are still waiting for their book club to begin constantly ask when they will be able to participate. Principal Robin Anderson says, “Student excitement about this opportunity can be felt around the campus!”

Funds for this grant were provided by the Ascension Idol Fundraiser through the Ascension Fund.

GoMS Honors Program

 Gonzales Middle School held its Third Nine Weeks Honors Program on Friday, March 31.