During the Feb. 13 regular council meeting, Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux said recycling pickup will be moved from Wednesdays to Fridays following numerous complaints about pickup. The change will begin on March 17.

"It's definitely a problem," Councilman Kirk Boudreaux said. "I know I have gotten a lot of complaints about it."

Arceneaux added that he wanted to clarify to the council and residents of Gonzales about a recent news cast from WBRZ. He said the news story did not accurately depict the work that is being done on City Hall.

"The story came out like we are just so wrong in some of the things that we were doing and that's just not the case," he said.

He said that the City has never had flood insurance because it has never flooded, but following the August flood officials are looking into insurance. He added that the City is expected to receive $309,924, and of that the low bid to fix City Hall was only $217,000, leaving extra money in the budget.

Next, the council discussed two ordinance changes amending the General Fund Budget. The first change increased the parish's business enterprise money from $25,000 to $50,000 to go towards the Jambalaya Festival Association. The funds must be used towards tourism purposes.

The second change amended the budget by decreasing and increasing budgets of several departments such as the Fire and Police Department, Administration, Code Enforcement, Sanitation, Recreation and the Gas and Water Department.

A motion was passed to accept the bid of $66,390 from Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. for the purchase of a Oxygen Generator for the Gonzales Fire Department. The medical oxygen generator generates medical grade oxygen to be used by ambulances and emergency medical personnel.

City Engineer Jackie Baumann updated the council on the construction of City Hall. She said the project schedule with the contractor is "very aggressive" and kicked off Feb. 13. Renovations are expected to be completed by the end of April.

Baumann added that the sewer sludge removal documents were signed by FEMA on Feb. 3 and the project is priced at $1,069,953. A pre-construction meeting was held Feb. 15.