Kathy Daigle, a local artist from Gonzales, has been selected as a competitor in New Iberia's Shadows-on-the-Teche Plein Air Competition that is being held next month.

The weeklong event is not a typical art competition. It is plein air art, which is art created outdoors instead of in studios. The main difference is that the artists must deal with a number of challenges associated with painting outdoors such as having the right type of paint, bugs, observers, and weather conditions.

Daigle first began creating plein air art 20 years ago and has continued ever since. She is a member of the Associated Women in the Fine Arts of Baton Rogue, a professional artist organization that specializes in a variety of visual art forms. She tries to paint outdoors every week.

“It’s become a really popular thing in art to go paint onsite,” she said. “This was one of my goals for 2017 that I could get into one of these competitions.”

Daigle will compete against 28 other artists who specialize in plein air art from Alabama, Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, Utah, California, and Canada. Each artist will paint pictures from March 11 to March 16 from various locations in New Iberia. They will submit their two best pieces of work to be judged by artist and instructor Erik Koeppel.

For more information about the competition, contact Pat Kahle at The Shadows Visitor Center at (337) 369-6446 or shadows@shadowsontheteche.org.