South Central District Livestock Show results

The 2017 South Central District Livestock Show was held Feb. 2 the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales. There was more than 250 participants from various parishes. Below are the results for Ascension Parish.


Beef Showmanship:

Nine year olds: Hayden Daigle- Second Place

11 year olds: Cameron Castrogovannie- Third Place

13 year olds: Makenna Babin- Third Place

15 year olds: Paige Zeringue- First Place, Cody Waguespack- Third Place

17 year olds and up: Allie Daigle- Fifth Place


Camryn Castrogovannie- Reserve Champion Steer

Beef Breeding Long Hair:

Maci Schexnayder- Reserve Champion Angus Bull and La. Bred Angus Bull; Camryn Castrogovannie- Reserve Champ Charolais Heifer, Supreme La. Bred Long Hair Heifer and Champ La. Bred Hereford and Charolais Bull. Makenna Babin- Champ La. Bred Hereford Bull

Beef Breeding Short Hair:

Paige Zeringue- Champion Beefmaster Bull, Reserve Champ Beefmaster Bull, Champ La Bred Beefmaster Bull, RC La Bred Beefmaster Bull, RC Beefmaster Heifer, RC La Bred Beefmaster Heifer, Supreme Champ Short Hair Bull and Sup Champ La Bred Short Hair Bull; Allie Daigle- Champ La Bred Beefmaster Heifer and Champion Beefmaster Heifer


Swine Showmanship:

Tobie Laiche- Jr. Division Champion; Maci Schexnayder- Sr. Division Champion; Cheyenne Moran- Supreme Champ Swine Showman and Intermediate Division Champion

Nine year olds: Allie Cliburn- Second Place; Ethan Delaune- Third Place; Cameron Deane- Fourth Place

10 year olds: Bailey Louviere- First Place

11 year olds: Tobie Laiche- First Place; Joey Zeringue- Second Place

12 year olds: Abby Lobell- First Place; Kade Schexnayder- Second Place; Eli Turner- Third Place; Kylie Cliburn- Fourth Place; Dallas Moran- Fifth Place

14 year olds: Cheyenne Moran- First Place; Torie Laiche- Second Place

15 year olds: Sadie Melancon- First Place; Casen Ducuir- Second Place; Zack Zeringue- Fourth Place; Maddie Turner- Fifth Place

17 year old and up: Maci Schexnayder- First Place; Blake Nunez- Second Place; Keelie Brignac- Fifth Place

Swine Breeding:

Matthew Delaune- Champion Hampshire; Madylyn Turner- Champion Yorkshire, Champ La Bred Yorkshire, Reserve Champion AOB and Reserve Champ La Bred AOB; Abby Lobell- Reserve Champ Yorkshire and Res Champ La Bred Yorkshire; Ethan Delaune- Champion Duroc; Cheyenne Moran- Supreme Champ Breeding Swine, Supreme La Bred Champ Breeding, Champion Commercial and La. Bred Comm. Gilt

Market Hogs:

Abby Lobell- Champion Hampshire Hog, Champ La Bred Hamp Hog, Reserve C. La Bred Yorkshire Hog, Grand Champion Market Hog and Champion La Bred Market Hog; Maci Schexnayder- Reserve Champ Hampshire Hog and Reserve C. La Bred Hampshire Hog; Anna Schexnayder- Reserve Champ Duroc Hog and Champ La Bred Duroc Hog; Eli Turner- Res Champ La Bred AOB Hog; Tobie Laiche- Champion Cross Hog, Champion La Bred Cross Hog; Torie Laiche- Reserve Champion Cross Hog, RC La Bred Cross Hog, Champion Barrow Hog, Champ La Bred Barrow Hog, Reserve Grand Champ Market Hog and RC La Bred Market Hog; Cheyenne Moran- Reserve Champion Barrow Hog


Sheep Showmanship: Stephanie Epps- Intermediate Champion

13 year olds: Stephanie Epps- First Place

Sheep Breeding: Maci Schexnayder- Res Champ Commercial Ewe

Market Lambs: Maci Schexnayder- Champion Suffolk Lamb, Champ La Bred Suffolk Lamb and Champ La Bred Market Lamb


Nine year olds: Sarah Prejean- Second Place; Logan Brignac- Fifth Place

10 year olds: Ty Lavergne- Participation

12 year olds: Ethan Brignac - Third Place; Ally Causey- Fifth Place

13 year olds: Desiree Falgout- First Place; Jamie Lavergne- Second Place; Sarah Jordan- Fifth Place

15 year olds: Zack Zeringue- First Place; Kelsie Brignac- Second Place

17 year olds and up: Keelie Brignac- Fifth Place

Breeding Goats: Logan Brignac- Champ La Bred Percentage Buck; Emily Duguay- Champ La Bred Pygmy Buck and Res Champ La Bred Pygmy Doe

Market Goats: Jamie Lavergne- Champion Market Goat


Dairy Showmanship: Paige Zeringue- Second Place