The sponsors of Caring Parents of Geismar, Doris Green and Bessie Jackson were delighted to have six employees from Methanex’s Geismar Corporation volunteer their time on Friday, Nov. 11. David Lee and Trent Woodard assembled book shelves, attached bulletin boards and dry erase boards to walls where needed; Mostafa Elsherif, Benya Jackson, Jack Dirks and Penny LeBlanc worked together to install 10 computers plus a printer, and assemble the corresponding desks and chairs. Furthermore, they removed an old oversized copying machine and defunct computer debris.

In addition, Methanex donated a variety of playground equipment which the summer campers are certain to appreciate and enjoy. The playground equipment promises to be fun while enhancing healthy attitudes toward exercise. Summer camp reinforces Common Core Math and ELA skills. Campers participate in a reading challenge and earn prizes for the most books read. They participate in social, cultural and esthetic activities.

This is the season of thanksgiving and the group at Caring Parents of Geismar sends thanks to David Lee, Trent Woodard, Mostafa Elsherif, Benya Jackson, Jack Dirks and Penny LeBlanc. Your help is getting us off to a great start as we plan the 2017 summer camp.