No St. Amant vs. East Ascension football clash is complete without the Shout Out.

No St. Amant vs. East Ascension football clash is complete without the Shout Out.

This year’s event was just another way for the community to come together and embrace a little bit of normalcy in the wake of the historic flooding that ravaged the parish—especially St. Amant.

So many houses and businesses were submerged by the flood waters.

Gator head coach David Oliver estimated that a third of his players were forced to evacuate their homes. Oliver himself had his home flooded in the disaster.

But for one glorious Thursday night, the players, coaches, students and fans were able to allow their wounds to temporarily heal and come together to feverishly support their schools.

There were many events during the week that proceeded Friday night’s big game at The Pit.

On Monday, there was the EA/St. Amant Ryder Cup golf tournament at Pelican Point. One-hundred and 60 golfers participated. The St. Amant team won by a 78.5-44.5 margin.

On Tuesday, hundreds of Gator fans met at The Pit for a community pep rally and bon fire, while students from both schools met at the soccer fields in Gonzales for the Golden Cup Games. They competed in flag football, volleyball, washer boards, horse shoes and a frisbee competition. The East Ascension students took home the victory.

On Thursday, jambalaya lunches were sold in front of LeBlanc’s Supermarket in Gonzales. Over 150 plates were sold.

And that night, there was the Shout Out event at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center. Over the years, the Shout Out has brought in $114,000 per school.

This year, St. Amant narrowly won the Shout Out as their fans’ screams peaked at 113.2 decibels.

On Friday night, before the game, both teams were presented with checks for $10,000.